Welcome to Team Varlo 2023

Thank you for considering Team Varlo for your 2023 season. We believe community in triathlon is the very essence of the sport. Our mission is to have a home for all athletes and empower them to conquer the goals of tomorrow. Our foundation is built upon athlete development and a gateway for empowering athletes.



Empowerment. Balance. Motivation. Appreciation. Family.

At Team Varlo, we believe that triathlon, cycling, and multisport supports the freedom to love yourself, confidence to believe in your abilities, drive to push beyond your limits, direction for those who are wandering, community for those who are yearning, identity for those who are seeking, serenity among chaos, persistence despite fear, and accomplishment through struggle.

Be a part of something bigger, where you will find a community that supports each other to inspire the spirit and empower the will of every athlete to conquer the goals of tomorrow.

2023 Team Varlo Sponsors

What you need to know

Team members will be informed of acceptance to the team within 2 weeks of applying.

Yes, you can apply if you live outside of the US.

No, you do not need to be fast or top percentage of your age group to apply for Team Varlo. Our mission is to have a home for all athletes and empower them to conquer their goals of tomorrow.

If your application is approved for consideration, there’s a annual membership fee of $250 due upon acceptance. This fee would include:

  • $200 credit towards exclusive Team Varlo apparel
  • Access to team only items 
  • First looks on new products
  • Discount codes from partners/ sponsors
  • Discount to race entries
  • Access to Team Varlo training camp
  • Access to private FB team page and Discord channel 
  • Team welcome package 
  • Discounts towards athlete development and education
  • An ongoing 15% discount code for all retail items

Our hope is that we have a team of athletes excited to create a supportive community that motivates and inspires one another. We aren’t just a team that races in the same kit - we are a family that builds strength in encouraging each other to pursue our goals of tomorrow.

The Rudy Project, Infinit, Blue70, Hyperice, Whoop, SaltStick, Swiss Side, and The Magic5

While we encourage our athletes to continue to support the brands they love, we do ask they not be part of another triathlon apparel brand's team.

Yes, you can still be part of a local non-triathlon apparel brand's club/team.

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